There’s a lot of information on the internet, and every certain time you find things that caught your interest. As cool things come and go, you find yourself with 12-15 tabs open in your browser, most of them waiting to be checked. Let me tell you: this is NOT GOOD.

Why? there are several reasons to make this statement. The first thing is that every tab consumes memory, so more tabs mean less speed, and ultimately, a browser or computer/smartphone crash. Also, all those tabs add disorganization to your workflow, since its harder to find the information between them, thus making you unproductive.

But don’t worry! I have several solutions that can make you better at using your browser tabs. With them, you will elevate your success navigating through the internet.

1. Save things for later with Pocket.

When you find something you want to view later, put it in Pocket. That’s the motto on this great app that has revolutionized the aspect of keeping information saved to be checked at a later time. You can save articles, videos, pages and almost any information in it, and use the different ways they offer to access them. You can then view it when you have time for it.

How can you reduce tabs using this service? well, as soon as you find something you want to check later, you can use the Pocket extension for browsers and save it for another time. This way you can then close that tab and keep focusing on what you need to do.


I like this method because it isn’t limited to any browser or operating system in specific since they have different solutions to cover almost everyone of them.

Grab Pocket

Every tab consumes memory, so more tabs mean less speed, and ultimately, a browser or device crash.

2. Bookmark when it’s a really important thing

If you find yourself looking for the same webpage or information several times, then you are in front of something important to you. If that’s the case, then you should have it at a reachable position, such as in your bookmark section.

Bookmarking, you ensure that you are a tap away from your important stuff, but also you can remember things you have to check again in case you forgot it.

It’s worth mentioning that you should not abuse of bookmarks, because then you will have too much of them, making a mess of it, and losing the appeal of the solution itself.

3. Convert your tabs into a list with One Tab.

What if you just want to check all your open tabs later? well, the One Tab extension makes just that. It converts all your open tabs into a list. You can then check everyone when needed by restoring the tabs at your convenience.

Unfortunately, this extension only works for Chrome and Firefox at the moment.

List Your Tabs

4. “Virtually kill” tabs you are not using.

What if you just don’t want to worry about tabs for a while, because you are too concentrated to focus on manage them (yes, It sounds weird, but I give solutions to all possible cases). In this case, there’s a great extension for Chrome users that magically solves this: The Great Suspender.

A high amount of tabs add disorganization to your workflow. Since its harder to find the information between them, it makes you unproductive.

What this extension does is that after a period of inactivity you define, the tab will go to sleep, freeing up memory and removing a potential distraction for you. If you want to check the page, you just have to click the page to reload it.


I recommend this solution in cases when you want to switch between tabs but you are going to focus on one at a time for example.

Start Suspending

By using any of these solutions, you will surely keep your computer performance in good shape, but also your mind on the track, summing points to your productivity and happiness.

Do you use a lot of tabs? What solution suits you the best? Share this post with others and comment your thoughts below.

Gregory Pozo

Author Gregory Pozo

Gregory Pozo is a Mechatronics engineer and blogger. He happily shares his technology tips and enjoys a good anime while not. Motto: "Success is before work only in the dictionary."

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  • Sathya Guzmán says:

    I use a lot of tabs on my Chrome. Mostly 6-12, but when i’m searching for something it could be as much as 20 or more since I study medicine and there’s a lot of info out there (in those cases I divide the tabs and put it in another window). I usually bookmark them if I know I can use it in further times, but I didn’t know about Pocket, OneTab and The Great Suspender, i’m looking forward to use these apps to improve my use of Chrome and my investigations. Thanks Greg!

  • Victor Corniel says:

    One tap es excelente llevo tiempo utilizandola y cuando la memoria esta de muerte utilizo esta herramienta como salvavidas.

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