You have a passion for fashion, trends, and uniqueness. You desire badly to dethrone the people at the top, but you don’t know what you need to do this. And as every other venture, you need great tools to be a fashion blogger.

But don’t go overboard and think this is the end of the world. You already have the disposition, the passion, and the energy. My responsibility? Give you the best tools to be a fashion blogger, so YOU can be one starting right away.

To digest this information easily, I sectioned this tools into Apps/Services and Gadgets. My recommendation is to start grasping the use of the different apps and services and buy things as your budgets permits.

Side note: fashion blogging is hard work. You’ll have the best tools, so invest the time to succeed.


1. Social media

The first thing you need is to create your social accounts so you can ensure your brand name across different platforms. Yes, even though you don’t have anything to upload, you need to at least secure your usernames for the time when you get real serious about content.

Although there are tons of social media services across the globe, the most important ones for fashion bloggers are Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. If you would like to vlog as well, YouTube is a must.

fashion blogging is hard work. You’ll have the best tools, so invest the time to succeed

2. Design apps

Now that you have your accounts, you need to start creating some content. Even after having huge traffic, you need to keep a great design and brand since fashion means visual.

If you have the skill, using Photoshop and Illustrator would be great assets. But if you don’t know a thing about them, I would recommend using Canva.

Canva lets you create awesome designs without being a professional in design software. When you get real serious about your content, I recommend using Canva for Work, since it will save you a lot of time.

Try Canva

3. Content scheduling

After you create your profiles, and you start delivering content, something will happen sooner or later: you can’t keep up with all the content you need to post across your accounts.

This is something that happens eventually because marketing is consuming. To be able to gain more time, you need to automate this process, scheduling beforehand your marketing content and then publish it automatically.

the most important social accounts for fashion bloggers are InstagramSnapchat, and Pinterest

You can do this for free for up to 5 social accounts with Buffer. They are a great service that allows you to post up to 10 social messages per week in every of the 5 accounts in the free tier. If you then need more, you can upgrade to awesome.

Use Buffer

When you need to upscale your game and manage all your content (blog posts, social messages, emails, ebooks, etcetera) you need a content calendar. In this case, Coschedule is your best choice. Also, Coschedule can do all the things that Buffer does plus all the other content types, and you can integrate them together!

Try Coschedule

4. Hosting/Domain

The other thing you would need is to select your domain name and host a web page for your blog.

The domain name should be aligned with your brand name, and then buy it if it’s available (domain names are unique, so if someone took it you can’t use it).

For this, Namecheap is the best option, and the prices are awesome. For hosting your domain, I would recommend Inmotion Hosting or Hostgator in combination with a WordPress structure. These services allow you to host a WordPress page without hassle.

Get your domain

Host with Inmotion

Host with Hostgator

After you have all this setup, you would need then an appealing theme.

5. WordPress premium theme

You can have a great domain, with an outstanding hosting service, but if you don’t have a good theme, as a fashion blogger you are preparing for failure.

Since you are serious about this, you *need* to use a premium theme. When you use free stuff your quality will be as high as something free, showing your audience that you don’t care much about.

The best themes in my opinion for fashion related blogs are these ones:

Get Cheer Up Theme

Get The Voux Theme

Get Gallery Pro Theme

Get Glam Pro Theme


1. Good smartphone

Your smartphone will be part of your workflow, and maybe will be your workforce in the end. Managing your social accounts, taking quick pictures, annotating ideas, and much more.

For this, I would recommend you to get/use a smartphone of top notch performance, with great battery and camera. Some examples are:

iPhone 7 Plus
Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge
Google Pixel XL

Or whatever smartphone that you feel comfortable with and complies with the requirements above. If the one you have right now can do the job or is close to doing it, go with it.

You can have a great domain, with an outstanding hosting service, but if you don’t have a good theme, as a fashion blogger you are preparing for failure

Bonus: in addition, I would add a nice smartphone tripod such as the AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod, Smartphone adapter and a set of lenses such as the AUKEY Optic Lens kit.

2. Reliable computer

There’s a great part of the work done at your home/office. To do the design, the scheduling and blog maintenance you would need a computer capable of handling all that, without making you stress about it because it’s so slow that is painful to see.

Again, same as the smartphone section, you can use what you have on hand to start. In case you would like to buy a new one because you need to upgrade or you don’t have a thing, my options would be:

Macbook 2016
Asus Zenbook UX330UA

3. Professional camera

Until you can afford a photographer dedicated to you and your work, you would need to take your own pictures or at least ask for help but having your own camera for those purposes.

You need a camera affordable, with great quality both in the build and in picture shot, that is compatible with the different accessories on the market. Again, there are many cameras that can do the job, but my recommendations would be:

Nikon D3400
Canon Rebel SL1

These cameras are part of the best in the market for the size, low light performance and build quality.

See the setup on Kit

With all these resources, you are more than ready to dominate the fashion world. This set of tools to be a fashion blogger surely will help you accomplish your dreams, or even motivate you to do it.

What are your thoughts? Are you currently a fashion blogger? What is your setup? Let me know what you think in the comments section. Please, share with all your friends in social media as well!

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