This Is My Setup

In order to be more productive, i'm constantly on the quest of finding the best tech resources for different situations. Here I share with you part of the setup I use to accomplish all the things I do, including this blog!

Only the best of the best

Apps To Be Productive

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I care about performance

Great gadgets to do more

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My Awesome Software

Hosting your webpage

For this I recommend Inmotion Hosting. It’s fast, reliable, and cheap.

Social Media Scheduling

Build the perfect social schedule (directly in your calendar). Stop wasting time jumping from one tool to the next — keep your social + content in one place.

Sending Email Campaigns

If you are a blogger or entrepreneur, I encourage you to use ConvertKit. It’s easy to use, packed with all the features you need.

Block Distractions

The Focus app for Mac lets you block apps and pages all across your computer in order to force you to focus on your important tasks.

Managing Your Tasks

To be able to accomplish stuff every day, I use 2Do to keep track of my priorities.

Write Like a Pro

Ulysses is hands down the best app for writing for MacOS/iOS. All the posts that I publish are first dissected and structured in Ulysses.

My Awesome Hardware

Dominating Your Mouse

With a marvelous ergonomic design and horizontal scroll, the MX Master is probably the best mouse out there. I had to use it 🙂

See More Details

I care a lot about the details. For that, I need hardware capable to show me everything with crisp quality, such as the Samsung CF591. Even more, curve is the trend!

Get In The Groove

With my Sony’s MDR950 and some Spotify playlist I can isolate and be creative for hours.