No matter the issue

there’s always an app or gadget

that can solve it for sure.

This is one of my biggest beliefs, and one of the reasons why I created this space. I truly believe that anyone can use technology to be more productive, and that’s why I’m committed to help you accomplish that.

If you desire to be better at work, start your own business, dominate college or simply innovate but don’t know how or where to start, this place is definitely for you.

Hosting your webpage

For this I recommend Inmotion Hosting. It’s fast, reliable, and cheap.

Sending Email Campaigns

If you are a blogger or entrepreneur, I encourage you to use ConvertKit. It’s easy to use, packed with all the features you need.

Managing Your Tasks

To be able to accomplish stuff every day, I use 2Do to keep track of my priorities.

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Being productive is

accomplishing what you want,

in the time you planned.

Here is the place where technology and productivity play together. Check how I can be useful for you, and provide what you need.


App Implementation | Tech Solution Election | SEO Optimization | Web & UI design | Convert To Geek | Obtain Your Degree | Stand Out.

Target Audience
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Employees
  • College Students
  • Housewives
  • Geeks
  • Anyone who wants to be better
My Specialties
  • App & Gadget Testing
  • Graphic & UI Design Consulting
  • Services Integration
  • Creative Thinking
Notable Achievements
  • 2X time college robotics champion
  • STEM Volunteer Mentor
  • Top Tech Influencer? (working on that) 
Featured On
  • Major Social Networks
  • Huffington Post? (Working on that)

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Stay updated with news, opinions and insights from the latest technology and productivity trends. Also, get a share of motivation everyday to get pumped.

Gregory really has a thing for technology. We had some doubts regarding a selection, but he quickly gave us an answer with valid reasons.

Web TechnologiesCompany

After reading the browser tabs post, I know look forward the apps mentioned to improve my use of Chrome and my investigations. Thank you!

Sathya GuzmanMedicine Student

Gregory was very professional to work with. We easily set up our mutual agreement and I was quite satisfied with his involvement and collaboration. I'll work again with Gregory in the future.

Veronica Johnson Community Manager, Investintech

It was a pleasure working with Gregory. He is a great blogger who reviews in detail tech tools offering helpful insights to his readers and developers, as well. Keep reading his blog because you'll learn a lot of useful tech stuff!

Linda SimmonsCometdocs