The mouse is an essential component for any creative/professional/power computer user. For maximum versatility, while navigating thru our software parts, this accessory is a must.

Normally, professional mice are expensive, locating in the range of $40-$90, and even more for top-notch performance. Due to the increase of needs of such high demanding usage from non-professional people to get the next level of PC usage, mice with multiple features at a low cost increased in popularity.

When this happened, a trend started to happen: why don’t we use a gaming mouse for daily tasks? And the logic is simple: anything done for gaming means high durability and set of features plus nice design. Even more, you can still play some games every now and then!

One of the best mice out there for gaming and professional tasks under $20 bucks (yes, $20) is the Sharkk gaming mouse. In my opinion, is a jackpot for this price.

What I like

1. Design

The design is very cool and unique, making it an eye catcher hardware in your setup. The multiple lightning rays combined with the overall color of the mouse in addition to the ability to change between 4 different colors (explained later) is more than enough for the price.

P.S.: if you have a setup with an array of color lights, this mouse is a great companion.

2. Ergonomics

Were most mice fail is in this aspect. No matter the features and the design, if in the end the thing just doesn’t feel good in your hands after a couple of hours or less.

This mouse has an arc and length capable of fitting most hands, so you can rest your palm on it and use it in your favor.

3. Build quality

For less than $20, you would normally expect a regular build and ultra cheap materials. That’s not the case with Sharkk, since they demonstrate the power of a good supply chain.

I can guarantee you: this mouse lasts for years. Not bluffing. Especially the braided cord.

4. “The click”

Mouse users know there are different clicks around, and there are some that just doesn’t feel right. This one feels good.

This mouse features Omron switches, that like Brembo brakes in the car world for example. These switches provide a great click alongside long lasting durability of cycles.

5. DPI control

Dots Per Inch, as it is widely known, is the number of points that a mouse can recognize in a determined space of the screen. In other words, that means how fast can a mouse travel a screen (or the pointer). At a higher DPI, faster movement or sensibility.

This is extremely useful when we are using programs or computers that will require an adjustment for our pace of work. It is not the same an architect working with CADs than a finance manager working with an Excel sheet.

You can change from 500 DPI (Red) to 2000 DPI (Magenta) in increments of 500. My experience so far is that the best DPI for Mac is 1500 (green) and for Windows is 1000 (blue).

Things To Improve

1. Colors aren’t optional

Although the 4 colors coming with the mouse are nice, there’s no ability to change those colors freely, as it happens with other higher end mice. For people looking maximum customization, this could be a drawback.

2. Software comes in CD version only

In order to program the mouse and customize the buttons, you would need to use the software that comes with it. The only drawback is that it comes inside a CD, which is nonexistent in 2017.

I don’t need the software since I just use it as it is, and the drivers installed by default are more than enough. But, if you are looking to change all the settings to your favor, you may have a bit of a trouble.

This Sharkk Gaming Mouse review is intended to make you discover a new and affordable gadget for your needs!

Sharkk Gaming Mouse Review
For less than $25, the Sharkk Gaming mouse is a solid option for those looking for a cool looking - great performer mouse for not just games, but also everyday computer tasks.
Unique design
Good ergonomics
DPI control
Quality of clicks
No color customization option
Software in CD
Greg Score
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Gregory Pozo

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