Technology is best when it brings people together

Matt Mullenweg

Can you imagine a life without our phones? Remember the first time you made a video call?

Throughout the years, one of the goals of new inventions is to improve the way we communicate with each other. How? solving problems such as long distance communication, emotion expression, live broadcasting, and many others. Some examples of those inventions are:

1. The phone.
2. Television.
3. Facebook.
4. WordPress.

Each one has brought a new dimension of communication to us. They have been shortening the distance between people, thus bringing people together.

How are you connecting with others using technology? comment your thoughts and share to others!

Gregory Pozo

Author Gregory Pozo

Gregory Pozo is a Mechatronics engineer and blogger. He happily shares his technology tips and enjoys a good anime while not. Motto: "Success is before work only in the dictionary."

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