Emojis nowadays are very popular. In fact, it’s almost impossible to chat without posting a smile/tears of joy/heart in the mix.

Did you know that Emoji was the fastest growing language in the UK in 2015? And there’s more to come.

Since expressing our emotions and feelings is far easier with a graphic representation, if we can have a diverse variety of emojis then we can diverse our communication as well. Regular emojis are standard between different operative systems, but until some point, they become too “regular”.

What if you could have more unique emojis to express what you think? And if they could be BIGGER? What if you could make more impact in specific conversations?

Maybe all these questions were made at the time of creating Karmamoji. And the app answered well.

In this Karmamoji review post, I’ll cover all the aspects of this awesome proposal done by Karma App Studio.

So, is the app a GO? Let’s see the Karmamoji review in detail:

What I like

1. Variety

I will say this now: this is the MAJOR feature of this app. With all bundles together, the number of emojis scale to 10 thousand. Yes, 10 THOUSAND!!

Seriously, I don’t even think that you will be able to use them all in your lifetime. But as the saying goes, “better too much than too little”.

2. Uniqueness

Who doesn’t love to have a Steve Jobs emoji? Husky lovers around? Well, you get the point: there’s a lot of unique emojis in here.

This is good because you can stand out on different occasions, and surely people will ask you: where did you get that?


Oh lord, this emojis are HUGE. I mean, BIG.

We are all accustomed to the size of the tiny emojis that come with our keyboards. And until recently, the size was the same whether the emoji was alone or with words.

When you start to use this app, then you realize that these icons could be much bigger from the beginning. Yes, I know the emoji size is proportional to your size of letters, but they could make more impact if the size was bigger.

4. Black color

The subtle black keyboard matches perfectly with any screen. There are no more comments needed on that.

And as always, there are some things that could be much better.

Things To Improve

1. No predictive keyboard

You could say that this has nothing to do with emojis, but in order to use them, you need to use the Karmamoji keyboard. Since the icons are really good, you may think of use this as your main keyboard once for all.

No predictive typing? I’m sorry, this is a no. This means that every time you want to send a Karmamoji, you will have to switch keyboards and then go back. No bueno.

2. Free package should be bigger

The initial pack of karmamojis that comes with the app for free is about one category. I think it would be wiser if another small category came free as well about miscellaneous things, for example, so you can see a broader perspective of the designs.

I think this app gets the job done, and I recommend it for users who want to diversify their emoji game or people who simply want to connect in a unique way thru a conversation. In my tests, this app excels more with messaging apps or social media that doesn’t frame pictures, since that way the emojis (pictures) look integrated into the chat and not just an attachment more.

The app is free and comes with 25 emojis, and then you can expand through different packages of $.99 or $1.99. If you want to buy all the 10k at once, you can do it for $4.99.

Karmamoji Review
Final Verdict
The Karmamoji keyboard differentiates from the competition with the variety and uniqueness of its well designed emojis. If you are looking to diversify your emoji game or just be unique in every chat, this app is for you.
Variety of emojis
Size of emojis
Beautiful black keyboard
No predictive keyboard ability
Limited free package
greg score
Grab Karmamoji Now

What are your thoughts on this app? Would you download Karmamoji?

Gregory Pozo

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Gregory Pozo is a Mechatronics engineer and blogger. He happily shares his technology tips and enjoys a good anime while not. Motto: "Success is before work only in the dictionary."

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