Most of the time, when we turn on our computers, we have several things in our mind pending to be done. As soon as the computer initiates, we go to the browser and start surfing the internet looking for information or solutions regarding those pending tasks mentioned earlier.

In fact, there’s a lot of people who uses their computers mostly to look for information. In average, 21% percent of an internet session is spent searching using a search engine like google. This means that in the majority of cases, a computer workflow is non-stop. In fact, you would like to reduce your tabs with these handy tricks.

I lived this experience for a long time, and after realizing it, I wanted to have a different approach. My desire was simple: get some inspirational minutes before doing anything in my browser. If you could have the opportunity to stop for a moment, reorganize your ideas, get pumped and start surfing the net right away, that would be awesome.

Then, I found a Chrome extension that changed the game: Momentum.

Getting into the details

As the name implies, what you gain using this add-on is a gain of momentum to start your internet session. (I don’t know if the creators had this in mind for the name, but it sure has logical sense). As soon as you start Chrome, or you create a new tab, you will get a refreshing, inspirational, stop and think tab that will make you reflect for some seconds.

In average, 21% percent of an internet session is spent searching using a search engine like google.

The “dashboard” as the creators call it, it’s pretty straightforward:

You have the current time, followed by a greeting to you. (the first time it felt like a Jarvis-Iron Man kind of thing). Below that, you can write your main focus for the day, being your most important task. Down below, is the quote of the day (If you hover your cursor, you can see the author and even tweet the quote!). In the picture after you can see with more detail every aspect of the initial screen you get.

Links to apps and bookmarks, as they appear in the regular start page for Chrome.
You can share for things in google without leaving the dashboard.
Weather based in your location. You can change in settings to appear in °C or °F.
Current time plus greeting.
Here you can write your main focus of the day. It will convert to a task.
Quote of the day.
All the tasks in the dashboard. Main focus appears here as well. If you are a Plus user, you can see your tasks from other apps such as Todoist.
Settings and next to it, the location where the photo was taken.

There is a Plus version

If you fall in love with it, you can upgrade to a paid subscription to get more features such as ToDo integration with apps like Todoist, Trello, Wunderlist and more. With this, you can see your tasks from the dashboard. Also, you can add your own photos and quotes, and even skip quotes at any time.

The “dashboard” as the creators call it, it’s pretty straightforward.

This is a must in my opinion for people whose 80%-90% of the computer use relies on a browser set up.

Rest your eyes while browsing the internet.

I personally use Momentum just get those 5-10 refreshing seconds to give myself a reset and initiate focused my net-surfing session. I totally recommend this extension to any Chrome user since you get tons of things for free. Trust me, it’s far better than having a bunch of favorite links.

Grab Momentum

What are your thoughts about this hack? Are you already using Momentum? Like this post and leave your opinion commenting.

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