It’s very common to find a lot of useful information being distributed around the web in PDF (Portable Document Format). Why? because this is a file format used to present documents independently of software, hardware, and operating systems. This means that you can open it in whatever PC, tablet or smartphone you have.

Although this all sounds nice, there’s a drawback: PDF’s are difficult to edit & export. In multiple cases, you have key information in a PDF document, but you need that information in an excel table, or you want to add it with the same format to a word document or move that document to a drawing software. In these cases, you will have to rely on a third-party to make the job done. And let me tell you this: free online versions don’t get the job done.

Since I am always looking for the best tools out there, I have an app that can give you piece of mind when trying to convert PDF’s to other formats: Able2Extract.

The app makes a great job at converting PDF to a variety of formats, such as excel, powerpoint, AutoCAD, and more. In addition, it serves well as a PDF editor on its own, making it a complete package for individuals and enterprises.

This is where all starts. Just open a document or create a new one.
Here you can decide between selecting all the page or just an area to convert/work.
These are all the different conversion options.
You can convert or apply actions to multiple documents at once.
Navigation controls.

Things I Like:

1. Versatility.

First of all, one of the things that I liked the most was the fact that is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Having software not limited by the operating system is a plus since it can be recommended and used to a larger group of people. Furthermore, the software even supports LibreOffice, meaning that it can be fully used in a Linux environment without hassle. (Linux normally uses LibreOffice in replacement of Microsoft Office).

2. Design.

The previous apps in this category that i have tested normally looked regular or ugly, just paying attention to the functionality rather than also scaling the usability. This app has a great interface that allows you to use it without many complications.

3. Area selection.

Another thing that happened to me in other programs was that I had to convert everything, an all-or-nothing situation. With Able2Extract, you can select a portion of the document to be converted, giving you the ability to just work on the information that you want.

4. CAD exporting.

For me, this was the jackpot. Normally, there are programs dedicated only to convert a file to AutoCAD drawing, but since most of the time you will encounter the PDF-to-AutoCAD necessity, this comes more than handy. I tested with multiple PDF’s to convert them to drawings, and it was easy and smooth. When I opened the document with a DWG viewer, it was all converted, even the dimensions who are normally left out.

Overall, the functionality was outstanding. When testing PDF to excel, word, and powerpoint, the results were great. For the powerpoint conversion, the quality remained good, and the structure maintained, something that normally breaks during the conversion process.

Note: when converting to office related files, you must have Office installed and the app you are trying to convert to. If not, the conversion will give an error and stop, since it uses the app modules to finish the job and assure maximum compatibility.

Things To Improve:

1. Quality of picture conversion.

Although the conversion is good, the quality is not equal to the PDF itself. In this case, exporting from the PDF to pictures gave better results.

2. Tutorials.

The app offers a nice help guide, some tip bubbles before performing and action, and the company has a blog with lots of tutorials. Now, the help guide and the blog is something you have to look for, and there isn’t an introductory tutorial as soon as you open the app. Even when the app is easy to use, giving the basics at the start would be better to scale the usability.

3. Share buttons.

This doesn’t affect the usability in any way, but I do not like to have some social share buttons on a premium app. It feels as if you are pressing me to share it, although it’s my license. I would recommend to remove them from the lower part, and instead send a notification a few times to give a rate or share the app with others.

What are your thoughts about it? Do you work a lot with PDF’s in different environments? Make sure to leave your thoughts below and share it with others!

Able2Extract Review
Final Verdict
Overall, this app is an all-in-one PDF solution for those who need to work with these documents. Having the ability to edit, convert and merge PDF’s for just US$99 seems a fair price for me, and I recommend it 100%.
Good design
Area selection for exporting
CAD exporting
Quality of images imported not so good
Tutorials finding could be easier
Share buttons on a paid app
Greg score
Start exporting your PDFs
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