Before you tell me this, I know it: there are hundreds of PDF converters out there. Another one to the pack?

But trust me, this is worthy.

PDF converters have existed from a long time, with different forms, designs and prices. One of the things that I normally see is that these apps rely more on functionality than in user interface. The ideal app has a balance between both worlds.

In 99% of the cases, when you find a great PDF converter that has both good design and performance, you have to pay for that treasure. In 99%.

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For the 1% left, PDF Converter Ultimate from Cometdocs comes to the play.

Things I like:

1. Minimalist design

Efficient, clean & usable. That’s what is all about in this app.

You understand everything as soon as you open the app. Select your file source and then choose the type of conversion after. Done.

2. Free mode capabilities

The restriction that you have from the beginning is that you can’t convert PDF to other formats aside to Txt without buying every format BUT, you can take any format and convert it to PDF for free. That means that if I don’t need to convert a PDF (at least on my phone) I can convert any file to it, with quality, FOR FREE.

3. No ADS

Free from the beginning, in app purchases if needed, and 0% Ads. Any of it. Amazing on this decade right?

4. AutoCAD conversion

Although there are other apps that convert to AutoCAD, the quantity is limited on the market. Having another app doing it with great quality surely is a welcome addition. Imagine that you are an engineer or an architect needing a quick conversion from your tablet or phone. Game-changer.

5. Quality

The output performance of conversion is as good as the best in the market. Same structure of original file, fast conversion and good quality.

Things to Improve

1. No iCloud option on iOS

It’s 2017. You should have the option to directly take files from iCloud within the app. In addition, I tried looking for the file on iCloud and sending it to the app, but didn’t work.

2. Name

PDF Converter Ultimate is a good name, but not excellent. And great apps must have excellent names.

PDF Converter is part of at least 4 apps, so anytime you look for PDF converter in google this isn’t one of the first apps to come. And that means losing customers.

PDF Converter Ultimate
Final Verdict
If you are looking for a great app to convert files to PDF for free, I think this is one of the best (if not the best) shot that you have right now. Available for iOS and Android, in-app purchases of every PDF to file at $9.99 separately or $49.99 for everything, I recommend it 100%.
Minimalist design
Converts to PDF for free
No ads
AutoCAD exporting available
No iCloud integration on iOS
Could be difficult to find in finders
Greg Score
Convert PDFs in your mobile device
Gregory Pozo

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