When you set up a blog for the first time, you concentrate mostly on getting traffic and creating outstanding content. After you are live for a good amount of time, you start to pile posts and put your efforts on sharing the most recent one (its fresh out of the oven, kinda logic). But, what happens with the old posts then? How are you supposed to share every certain time those valuable treasures you made months ago?

In this case, Blogsterapp has your back. The idea behind this Spanish company is to automate content marketing the easy way. Meaning that without hassle, you could share your posts, news and more to different social media while you are reading a book. Sounds good, right?

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After testing it for a couple of weeks, I have to say that it gets the job done. It’s so easy to use that you actually don’t make much work, you just tweak the service to meet your demands depending on what you want. Now you don’t have an excuse to share your relevant content no matter how old it is!

Things I Like:

1. Interface

Main Section

This is your homepage where you see all your blogs and relevant information.

Blog Selection

You can sync multiple blogs from WordPress (self-hosted & regular) and Blogger.

Blog Main Info

Here you have at glance important data such as amount of posts, calls to action, quantity of clicks per Blogsterapp share, etc.

Left Column Menu

Quick access to all the features of the app.

Help Button

To contact support.

The general User Interface is clean and polished, showing the important information without overwhelming the user. The balance between the green, black and white is on point, so it feels right for your eyes.

On the left side, we have a column with all the different sections of the app, giving quick access to the different parts of the service.

Since the app supports multiple blogs, you will have in the main dashboard or control panel all the blogs synced with their relevant information. With this, you can then check how are going each of your pages from within the control panel.

2. Easy Set Up

My goodness! that’s what I felt to say when I was setting up the service. Made it in a breeze.

Both the blog and social media set up is very easy, being a plus for attracting new customers. After you finish all the process, you then enter to the control panel and start receiving informative pop-ups that guide you, which is a nice welcome:

blogsterapp popups

3. Headlines or Calls To Action (CTA)

One of the things that sets Blogsterapp apart is their headline section that’s called Calls To Action.

For every blog post that you have, you can then configure multiple headlines to be shared, so you can be creative and send the same blog post with multiple goals or calls to action to social media, increasing the chances of clicking.

4. Line Up Order

Another cool feature is that you can tell the app to share your posts by oldest to newest, vice-versa or undefined. This is really good because with just a few clicks you can customize your share behavior of your content.

5. Analytics

Maybe one of the most important features about Blogsterapp is their analytics. Although they’re not as robust as you could think of, they present you relevant data that are understandable for any type of user: from rookie to expert.

blogsterapp analytics

You can filter by hours, days, weeks and more. Also, you can check the posts who have to receive the most clicks. In addition, you can also check what is your most influent social media by the number of clicks accumulated.

I totally agree with the decision of the team to just show simple yet effective data, because most services show a lot of graphs and reports but you don’t understand a thing for the first months of usage.

6. External Links

You have the ability to enter external links to be shared in addition to your blog’s content. This is really good for maintaining your audience up to date with information outside your page but related to what you talk about.

Things To Improve:

1. Pinterest & Other Social Accounts

Don’t get me wrong: the service has Pinterest integration. But one thing that I don’t get is why this platform is part of the initial social networks set up? When you begin the setup process, you are asked to log in to Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, but not Pinterest. Later when you go to the control panel, you see the all your social media connected, and will see the Pinterest icon on gray, so you click and connect.

Although this social media is not as widely used as Facebook or Twitter, I think that all the social media supported by the service should be present in the setup process. It should be up to the user to connect or not these accounts.

Furthermore, I think that Google+ and Instagram are a must. Maybe they’re planned for the future, but for a blogger, they’re more than needed nowadays.

2. Spanglish

I tested the service in English, but I found Spanish words in some parts of the app, such as in my account.

Also, the resources page is completely in Spanish. I know that it is the main language of the creators, but if you are offering an English version, you should have all the information available in English as well.

My suggestion is to improve this part in order to get more users globally.

3. Photo addition

Normally, the app extracts the photo of the post to be used in every social share, but when you try to change it for another want you want, it’s just not that smooth.

Why? because you need to paste a URL for the image. You can’t upload them. For a geek that’s easy, but for the regular user that means no change in the photo. I am surprised that with the simplicity of the app that section was left out of the loop. [UPDATE] There’s now a scanner to select the photo you want.

 4. Rich Links

Nowadays, every social media platform has the ability to share links with embedded information from the source web page. This is better known as rich links.

Example of a rich link

Example of a rich link

In Facebook and LinkedIn this has been working like a charm, but for Twitter has not been the same. The tweet consists of the featured image of the post and the link shortened.

With rich links (or Twitter Cards for Twitter) you maximize the interaction of the user with the content.

At last, another thing I observed is that Blogsterapp uses Hootsuite and Buffer for service comparisons. They even recognize them as complements for their app. But the real competitor for this service is in every way Coschedule. This is probably the top service for content marketing for bloggers, so they should test against this more than the other ones.


Blogsterapp has different plans, starting from free all they way up 39.99€ a month. The plan I recommend is PRO (9.99€) if you are serious about your content, getting distribution to all social accounts and automatic syncing with your blog.

To whom I recommend Blogsterapp: for bloggers who are serious about their reach and traffic, would like to share their content on a regular basis and know Spanish. Until the team doesn’t make a full experience in English with the resources, I can’t recommend it for English only users.

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Distribute Your Content

What are your thoughts about Blogsterapp? Have you tried it? What do you use for content marketing? Leave your thoughts in the comments section and share to your peers in social media.

Blogsterapp Review
Final Verdict
After using this app, I have increased the reach of my social accounts, because I have been promoting my posts along with the usual content I share, all while working on other stuff. (Automation surely is a life saver). The service has points to be improved, but I trust that they’ll keep developing and growing more as time passes. This service has a lot of potential to succeed even more.
Clean interface
Ease set up
Great manage of headlines
Automatic share line up
Spanglish sometimes
No rich links in twitter
Greg Score
Grab it Now!
Gregory Pozo

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Gregory Pozo is a Mechatronics engineer and blogger. He happily shares his technology tips and enjoys a good anime while not. Motto: "Success is before work only in the dictionary."

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