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Welcome to another edition of Best Useful Tech. Along with Denzel, I curated an exciting list of gadgets that are more than useful and interesting.

1. YI 4K Action Camera

YI 4k camera

One of the so-called “GoPro killers”, this action camera packs everything needed for outdoor footage at just $199. It records 4K at 30fps, has a 2.19″ touchscreen for easy control, electronic image stabilization, a high performing cooling system to prevent overheating and all this in addition to 2 hours of battery life.

From various tests, this camera has performed outstanding, even surpassing the GoPro 5 at some degree. If you are looking for a great action camera and you are on a budget, then this is a must.

Get the YI 4K Camera

I also recommend the waterproof case + micro SD card combo although is more than $200:

Get the YI 4K Combo

2. iRoller

iRoller cleaner

Have you ever seen something that you don’t even know what it does, but after you test it and find out its value, you can’t live without it? That’s definitely iRoller.

This little roller basically cleans and sanitizes your smartphone or tablet screen with a few rolls. It’s so easy to use, that feels like cheating.

One of the cool facts it has is its portability: just 3.5 inches long. This way, you can carry it in your backpack in a small pocket, or have it in your purse and use it when needed.

Get the iRoller cleaner

3. Brainwavz Hengja

Brainwavz Hengja

Every time you see a cool tech video showcasing a great headphone stand, they are to be used on a table (a big table). But what happens when your table is small, and you don’t have space available for that awesome mount? The Hengja has your back.

Designed to just clamp anywhere, this headphone mount is perfect to be used when you are short on space. Just attach it to one of the sides of your table, or of a bookshelf and you are ready to go. It also has the ability to be used horizontally or vertically, so no matter the setup it will adjust without hassle.

Get the Brainwavz Hengja

4. AUKEY USB-C to Ethernet Hub

usb c to ethernet

You bought an impressive MacBook/MacBook Pro this year, or that last Chromebook Pixel got your attention. Then one day you are at home and you think your wifi is not giving the right performance, so you want to use an ethernet cable instead and: voila! your computer is all USB-C, no ethernet port anywhere.

But don’t worry, Aukey knows about this issue and has it solved for the record. This USB-C to Ethernet adapter is perfect to make that connection again, plus it has 3 USB 3.0 ports, meaning that you get one of the fastest transfer speeds available out of those ports.

What also kept my attention is the fact that this hub is compatible with Win2000/XP/7/8/10 Linux and Mac OS. Versatile enough.

Get the Aukey USB-C to Ethernet Hub

5. Samsung T3 Portable SSD

Samsung T3 Portable SSD

It’s almost common knowledge that SSD’s are the fastest drives in the market, with speeds up to 450 MB/s. That’s transferring a 4k movie in seconds.

But almost all the SSD’s are available to be used attached to a computer. But yes, I said “almost all”.

The Samsung T3 is, as you may expect, a portable external SSD. This means that you can have a portable drive on the go capable of transferring tons of Gb in a matter of minutes. Ideal for people who manage vast amounts of data and files, and speed/time is a factor.

The only downside is that since this technology is new, SSD’s of high storage aren’t that cheap yet. In this case, a 250Gb version is near a $100 bucks.

Get the Samsung T3 External SSD

You can also check all this gadgets on kit:

See the list on Kit

What are your thoughts on this edition of best useful tech March 2017 edition? What is the gadget you loved the most? Do you have one of them already? Share your opinion in the comments section. Also, please share this post with your friends and loved ones!

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