Hello Legion! Today, I’m presenting a new segment in the blog. The best useful tech I could recommend you every month.

My awesome assistant Denzel has been learning and looking for awesome tech for the past couple of months, and he has come up with REALLY good stuff.

Since we can’t forget about your budget, I filtered Denzel’s list to pick things under $2oo (This guy likes expensive things, trust me).

For this month, there are three gadgets that we think are the best of the pack, have good prices and can make you accomplish more, not just have fancy tech around.

1. Seagate Expansion 2TB External Hard Drive

For less than $100, a 2TB external Hard Drive is a great bargain. Seagate has one of the best lines of External drives in the market, and they are known for their reliability coupled to cool designs.

Looking to have that extra space for movies? Moving files between workstations? Transporting your pictures from the last session? Whatever is the case, you have 2TB available (well, around 1.5 TB for this reason. Happens to all drives) for all your needs!

Seagate Expansion 2TB for $79.99

2. LG 32 Inch Monitor

This monitor barely made the cut at $199, but LORD! 1920 x 1080 Full HD at 32 inches? If you need more detail than that without being a pro, there’s nothing else for you. (Denzel words).

This monitor is one of the best out there balancing price and quality. It has tons of ports, great structure, can be wall mounted, and much more. What I like the most is that since it’s so wide, it has split screen capabilities. This means that you can two things at the same time natively, like reading and modeling a structure for example.

LG 32 Inch Monitor for $199.99

3. Netgear NightHawk R6700

Aside from the outstanding design that will be a game changer in your home or office, this modem improves your connection for wifi connection.

It’s optimized to maintain the performance even with 12 or 14 devices connected at-the-same-time. Impressive huh?

Even better, you can install the Netgear Genie app in your smartphone and control all connections (yes, you can disconnect your annoying sibling says Denzel), stream music, and much more.

Nextgear NightHawk at $129.99

I hope this Best Useful Tech February edition can be more than useful for you. Please share this with others so they can also discover awesome tech as well.

Express your thoughts below in the comments section, and let me know what you think. (You can criticize Denzel as well).

Gregory Pozo

Author Gregory Pozo

Gregory Pozo is a Mechatronics engineer and blogger. He happily shares his technology tips and enjoys a good anime while not. Motto: "Success is before work only in the dictionary."

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