If you read my bio, you’ll notice that I have a deep passion for Anime. So it should be natural that I use the best anime tracking app out there right? That’s why I looked and tested to find the right one.

Since I started watching Anime years ago, I had the urgency to keep a track of the shows I completed, and the ones in my bucket list as well. The first step to accomplish this was MyAnimeList. This free service has a complete database of all Animes, and you can select a show and put it under different lists, such as Watching, Planning, Dropped, etc.

It was all good, MAL was doing great but then I wanted more: what if I could do this process in my phone or tablet? What if I could meet people with the same Anime interests and talk about it? Could I get reminded about the airing of my shows?

This was definitely the next step on having the ideal Anime tracking setup. The question was: Is there an app with all these features out there? I tested various apps in iOS and Android, but all the good ones had a missing feature. And then, out of nowhere this app revolutionized all: Aozora.

I can say with confidence now after using it for months that Aozora is THE BEST Anime tracking app right now. I’ll now show you the reasons why I love it, and why you should be using it right now:

Things I like

1. Design

One of the first things you will notice about Aozora it’s the clean and useful design it has. Great animations that don’t get you out of focus, awesome balance of colors, and the structure of the content between text, pictures and more is on point.

Aozora UI
All this features working together give the user an outstanding and pleasant experience. For me, this is just as important as the functionality itself.

It was all good, MAL was doing great but then I wanted more

2. Integration with MAL

I know, most of the anime tracking apps out there integrate with MyAnimeList. But what I wanted to point out is the performance of the sync between the app and MAL. Is just blazing fast.

So far, I haven’t had any issues at all with the sync. This ensures that no matter if you use the app at one time, or MAL related service in your PC at another, you will still get your info update across all devices automatically. This flexibility is priceless.

3. Detailed information about shows

Such as the people who like movies a lot and look in IMDB for actors, music involved and more, there’s a huge amount of people who do the same with Animes.

Most anime tracking apps doesn’t have this information at hand. Aozora on the other side, gives you all the details you could be looking about a show in specific. Looking to know about who the seiyuu is? No problem at all. Interested in soundtrack details? It’s all there.

I can say with confidence now after using it for months that Aozora is THE BEST Anime tracking app right now


Do you know how GOOD is to be able to see the trailer of a show before deciding to watch it or not? This is a deciding factor.

It could be something easy, but few apps give you the ability to watch a trailer within the app itself. With this, you can then compare the score with your appreciation of the trailer, and see if you will see the Anime right away, or just plan to see it later.

Aozora anime screen

5. Community

In addition to track Anime, the app has a built-in forum with different threads and subjects where you can discuss and share info about your favorite shows.

You create a profile in the app and then you can participate in different polls, meet new people, join Movie sessions and much more. The possibilities of what you can do are infinite, plus you have more than 70K active users, so there’s plenty people to talk to.

Aozora community

Even better, the group behind Aozora has a Slack group that you can join and have more integration with people who loves Anime. So if you want to spend some time having fun, getting a lot of gifs and memes about this topic, there you go.

6. Anime streaming within the app

This service was shut down in order to avoid copyright issues, and to promote fair use of the content. Great move guys!

6. The details

For me, details are what difference a good app from an excellent app.

Little icons for extra functionality in different sections off the app. Emojis accompanying words in the settings menu. A today widget available in iOS10. These are the things making the app worthy of being premium all the way.

7. Free with Pro version

The app is completely free, and you can track your shows without paying a dime. For this, you’ll have ads and some functionalities disabled.

If you want to go PRO, you can then buy this version for 4.99 (Totally worth it). No ads, premium layouts for your library and even you’ll get a badge in your profile. (There’s a Pro+ for $5.99. You obtain the same benefits, but you give 1 dollar more as a donation to the team).

Aozora Pro

One of the first things you will notice about Aozora it’s the clean and useful design it has

Since there’s always room for improvement, there’s also some things that I think should be better in the future.

Things To Improve

1. iOS version runs much better than the Android version

I understand that is difficult to maintain an app in different OS at the same time, but once you made the decision to have the app in both iOS and Android, you have to make the preparations to have them running as equally smooth as possible.

The Android version has more bugs than it’s iOS counterpart, and you can feel the difference when using them.

2. Data usage

I rarely use the app outside wifi, but when I do, I can notice the bump in my daily average data usage for sure.

The app has been improving this with several updates, so it’s not like they aren’t working on it. Having said this, the ideal stage will be when the app keeps it’s functionality but with minimum data use. The amount of pictures and graphics involved makes it difficult to accomplish, but I can tell that the data usage is way different from months before now, so its possible.

The Android version has more bugs than it’s iOS counterpart, and you feel them different when using them

Aozora Review
Final Verdict
Aozora is right now the best anime tracking app available for iOS and Android. Its outstanding design, remarkable performance and top of the line features makes it stand out from the crowd. If you are passionate about Anime, watch them regularly and want to interact with other people about this topic, then this app is DEFINITELY for you.
Great design
Integrates with MyAnimeList
Gives detailed information about Anime
Has trailers
Posses a community of 70k active users inside the app
Android version is not as good as the iOS version
Data usage could be improved
Greg Score
Grab Aozora now!

What do you think about Aozora? Are you a big fan of Anime? Are you using other apps or services to track your shows? Let me know your thoughts on the comments section. Also, please like and share this post with others!

Gregory Pozo

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Gregory Pozo is a Mechatronics engineer and blogger. He happily shares his technology tips and enjoys a good anime while not. Motto: "Success is before work only in the dictionary."

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